Android Watch Slots Casinos

American players are jumping on the latest smartwatch trend sweeping the world of online gambling, with a number of these great gadgets providing access to first-rate Android watch casino games! Samsung’s Gear Live; Sony’s Smartwatch 3; LG’s G watch and the Moto 360 are just some of the devices that offer players this new way to have fun online, and makes sure you stay ahead of the curve in terms of what’s going on!

Try Gambling on Android

Players who regularly make use of their smartphones; tablets; desktop computers and laptops in order to access the gambling fun available online can now take this pastime to the next level with Android watch casino games! While this technology is still in its infancy, those in the know predict that it will very soon be the primary manner in which gamblers enjoy the games available on the World Wide Web.

Tilt your arm to win, and get to grips with the action unfolding on your wrist when you enjoy Android watch casino games no matter where you happen to be! Whether it is a meeting at work; a quick errand as you go about your day; or while you are relaxing at home or with friends, Android watch casino games are working to help you win every second of the day!

Games Available on Android

Top casino slots game developers are rushing to provide players with the kind of fun they have begun to expect from the time they spend online, and, although the current selection is somewhat limited, this is all set to change in the not too distant feature. Thunderstruck, from Microgaming, is currently on offer, and players are taking full advantage of this brand-new way to have some fun!

Thunderstruck is still only available as a companion game, i.e. one that requires a companion device in order to run, in this case a mobile device fitted with Android AIR, which will serve as a sort of host for the game the player wishes to enjoy. American player will be required to access their mobile slots casino accounts by means of their mobile device, load the game up on the smartphone or tablet, pair it with the smartwatch and then enjoy Android watch casino games by means of the watch itself!

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