Samsung Watch Slots Online

The Samsung Gear S is Samsung’s version of a smart watch, or as also termed, wearable mobile gear. This watch has many functions other than telling the date and time. The wearer will be able to access the Internet as well as apps loaded on the connected Samsung smartphone, amongst other functions.

This is the future of mobile gambling. Samsung watch slots are the new craze in the gambling industry amongst slots developers. Developing a great gaming experience on a Samsung Gear S is possibly no easy task, especially due to the small screen size. So far, it seems that 3 reel slots will be the more popular Samsung watch slots games. Since the development of Samsung watch slots is quite new, it can only improve and make playing casino games on this device even more enjoyable.

Smartwatch Slots Online

The Samsung Gear S is a watch, which connects to your Samsung smartphone. This particular term speaks of any slot machine game, which could be played on the Samsung Gear S. Since there isn’t much space on the Gear’s screen, it drives the slots developers to be very creative when converting the current online slots games formats to fit the size of the screen. Because there aren’t too many Samsung watch slots on the market as yet, due to it being so new, will keep you updated with the new ones, and perhaps some reviews too!

Online Slots on the Go

Its size and convenient transport capabilities turns this device into the anytime, anywhere mobile casino. Have you ever wanted to play a quick slots game while stirring the pot, cooking the family dinner? Or while standing in a super long queue at the grocery store? You can now! With the watch on your wrist and your fingertips free to tap the screen, it has made multitasking so much easier and playing slots discreet.

The Samsung Gear S supports wearable gear slots, so you will need one of these devices first if you want to get in on the new technology action.

You will also need to have an account with an online casino, which develops slots available on this platform. It would possibly be easier to register your account using your mobile phone or computer first and also make your deposits. Most online casinos allows deposits to be made in American Dollars, however it would be best to check the website just to be sure.

Top Smartwatch Slots

A casino that supports Samsung Watch Slots will note on their home page which slots games are available on this platform. Once you’ve chosen what you’d like to play, have fun!

It may be good to note that when playing slots on your Samsung Gear S, the functions will be quite limited. So far, developers have only moulded the essential elements into the games, such as the name, the reels, your balance and your bet amount. This is to make sure that every pixel of the screen is dedicated to the gameplay. This may change in the future and along with bringing you the best slots casinos in the USA, will also keep you up to date with new Samsung watch slots developments.